Mariah Scott
Memorial website in the memory of your loved one

Mariah Jacqualine-Lorene Scott

July 21, 2003 - March 30, 2005

This memorial website

 was created in the memory of

our Dear Angel,

Mariah Scott

who was born in Wayne, Nebraska

 on July 21, 2003


passed away on March 30, 2005

at the hands of her mother's boyfriend

at the age of 20 months 

in Stanton, Nebraska.

She will forever be in our

hearts, thoughts, and prayers.


I Am With You Always

As you hold me close in memory,
Even though we are apart,
My spirit will live on,
There within your heart...

I am with you always.

When you lean on trusted friends
And their caring hugs enfold you,
Within their loving arms,
I'll be there to hold you...

I am with you always.

And beyond the far horizon
When we'll finally be together
Where love will be eternal,
And life will last forever...

I am with you always

Your life does not conclude with death,
Nor will it end with mine,
For all the lives I touch, you touch,
And so on through all time.



Please feel comfortable enough to

light a

"Memorial Candle"


leave a message

in the

"Tributes and Condolences"


If you can't find the words

at this time

leaving your name

will be greatly appreciated.




"The mention of my child's name

May bring tears to my eyes

          But it never fails to bring     
Music to my ears.

If you are really my friend,

Let me hear the beautiful music 

of her name.


It soothes my broken heart

And sings to my soul."







The 1st day of each month is

"Chain-Of-Comfort Day"

Please light a candle

for each of your Angels.




A heart of gold stopped beating,

two shining eyes at rest,

God broke our hearts to prove,

he only takes the best.

God knows you had to leave us,

but you did not go alone,

for part of us went with you,

the day he took you home.

To some you are forgotten,

to others just part of the past,

but to us who loved and lost you,

the memory will always last.





God's Colors

Who paints those lovely colors
That we see up in the sky?
Who caps those awesome mountains
With sparkling snow  up high?

Who puts a sheen of green
Upon each tall and stately tree?
Who makes the streams crystal blue
Softly flowing magic for you and me to see?

Who makes the sun so warm and bright
Then fills it with great power
To make the earth spring forth with color
With just a little shower?

Who gives each bird the song they sing
As they fly away so far
Who puts those tiny twinkles
In each brightly shining star?

Who in Heaven keeps watch upon
Each one of us each day?
And blesses us with all this glory
As we travel on our way?
~ Charlotte Anselmo ~






And God Says

As long as there are stars in the sky,

And fish swim in the sea,

As long as Heaven and earth remain.

You will be loved by Me.

As long as grass grows on the earth,

And sand is by the sea,

As long as raindrops continue to fall,

You will be loved by Me.

As long as day turns into night,

And there is air to breathe,

As long as Heaven and earth remain,

You will be loved by me.
Louise P. Heckman




You Are My Angel

You are the Angel who I cherish,
So dearly in this heart of mine;
The one who makes my day brighter,
By making my whole world shine.

During all the darkest moments,
When my skies turn cloudy and gray,
You're the one who touches my heart,
And makes everything seem okay.

I count my blessings that I have,
An Angel like you, so close at hand;
A friend who always watches over me,
Someone who can always understand.

If I need someone who I can turn to,
You are always right there beside me,
Giving so much of yourself each time,
To guide me to the light, so I can see.

We are all assigned a Guardian Angel,
And I'm so glad God chose you as mine;
He knew that whenever I needed His love,
You would be an Angel to me every time.



Written by Teresa Rhods.

On March 30, 2005 my daughter (Kasci) got home from 

work around 11:30.   Kasci sat down to unwind from 

her nights work as security guard at Tyson in Norfolk, 

Nebraska and talk with her boyfriend / babysitter.  She 

then went to tell kiss her daughter (Mariah), Goodnight 

like she did every night, only to find her cold lifeless 

body laying in the crib.  She picked Mariah up and while 

running down the stairs, yelling for her boyfriend to call 

911.   When Kasci got down in the light, she noticed 

Mariah's face was covered in bruises, her boyfriend said 

Mariah had fallen down the 

stairs.   The rescue department worked on Mariah on the 

way to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.  

The Sheriff's Department was called to the house to 

investigate.  Seeing that beautiful little angel laying on 

that bed, face covered in bruises (one big handprint on 

the left side of her beautiful face) will be a vision I will 

never forget.  Mariah was only 20 months old.

Telling Kasci Mariah was gone was harder than when I 

had to tell my kids that their biological dad had passed 

away. Mariah died from her mother's boyfriend hitting 

her in the face. The person who caused her death is 

currently being held in jail and we attend every court 

session he has.

May our precious Angel rest in peace.

Mariah Jacqualine-Lorene Scott

July 21, 2003-March 30, 2005  

We've set up a memorial fund in Mariah's name at a 

local bank, to help with the burial expenses. And the 

extra money will be going to the Child Abuse 


If you would like to help with this fund, please click here


or send payments to: 

Mariah Scott Memorial Fund

C/O  The State National Bank & Trust Co

116 W. 1st      PO Box 130

Wayne, NE 68784

We've also started a scholarship fund in the criminal 

justice department at Wayne State College.

  If you would like to contribute please 

send payment to:

Mariah Scott Memorial Scholarship

58375 861 RD

Wakefield, NE 68784

Thank you for reading and please,


These donations are merely a way for the family to do 

something good from our tragic loss.





The face of an angel is all that is here...

Not ready to leave, but has to go,
Wants to go back, but God says no.

Leaving your life is a scary thought,
I guess it's something that can't be fought.

A mother, a father, a sister and friends,
A meaningful life that suddenly ends.

An angel is what she was meant to be,
Now just think of all she can see.

Looking over her family night and day,
Saying I love you in her own special way.

In the night we sleep, in the day we cry,
She watches us all from her star in the sky. 


Inscription Stone:  Precious Child





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God Bless each of you,
Johnette Moninger








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If Only You Could See

I know you're feeling sad today
because I had to go.
I know you have so many things
that remind you of me so.
And though you cry as you recall
the times you spent with me.
I know your pain would turn to joy
if only you could see.
I'm in Heaven with Jesus now.
We laugh, we sing, we play.
He holds me gently in His arms.
I know no pain today.
And though we're apart for a little while,
Jesus has promised me
He'll someday bring you here
where we'll live for eternity.








You taught me how to love you by
The way that you loved me;
And by your unseen sustenance,
To see what you could see. 

You gave to me through who you were
The gift of what I am.
Your pride in me is now my pride;
Your faith, my caravan.







Please know that you are welcome 
to use anything from 
Mariah's Site for your own Site.
God Bless You,






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Thomas E. Parker
January 12, 1932 - July 27, 2002

Roy William Moninger, SR.
August 29, 1914 - January 3, 1986

Roy William Moninger, JR.
June 27, 1942 - August 15, 1998

Carrol Dean Chew

Arthur Semrau
March 12, 1915 - April 14, 2002

Amanda Semrau
December 11, 1915 - November 10, 2003

J. Eddie Connealy
Febuary 26, 1961 - December 22, 2004

August Pape
March 6, 1906 - April 3, 2005

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August 2, 1918 - October 31, 2005

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Roland J. Clark
October 3, 1927 - March 19, 2007






April 3, 2006
Court Update:

Just an update to all on the sentencing 

today for the guy that killed

 our little angel.  

The prosecutor was going for 

20 to 24 years, 

but the judge gave him 

20 to 40 years (YEA) 

with a chance for parole at 

10 years (BOOOO). 

At least there was some justice


If I could have one lifetime wish,

A dream that would come true;

I'd pray to God with all my heart

For yesterday and you.

A thousand words won't bring you back,

I know because I've tried.

Neither will a thousand tears,

I know because I've cried.

You left behind my broken heart,

And happy memories too.

But I never wanted memories,

I only wanted you.














Tributes and Condolences
Overdue Update   / Teresa Rhods (Grandma)
Though it has been 2 and half years since Mariah was taken from us, we find ourselves talking about her quite often.  So many little things makes us think of her, she is still and always will be greatly missed but at the same time we find the ti...  Continue >>
The Lord's Prayer   / JOAN TAYLOR (NONE)
The Lord's Prayer

Our Father who art in heaven;
Hallowed be Thy Name;
Thy kingdom come;
Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven;
Give us this day our daily bread;
And forgive us our trespasses as we forg...  Continue >>
On Your Angelversary with Love 3-30-12   / Kelli George's Mom Lorraine (Connected by angels )
In memory of an angel   / James Head (Great grandfather )
"STILL MISSING YOU"   / Johnette Moninger (Family Friend )
"My Dear Little Angel Mariah"  / Johnette-Angels-Jose---ph DesRochers, Colt P Toby Meister, Madison Foell, Mary Bates, &. You (Angel Friend )    Read >>
Thinking of you...  / Amy Leonard (Classmate of her mother )    Read >>
Just Thinking Of YOU!  / Johnette Moninger (Our Angel )    Read >>
Thank you to everyone.  / Kasci Scott (Mother)    Read >>
Happy Birthday Mariah!!  / Diane Angel Mom- Katie Cassidy     Read >>
HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY MARIAH DARLING XXX  / Terry Reilly (friend angel charlie maclennan )    Read >>
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Thinking of You  / Cindy Mommy To Angel Kaydence     Read >>
More tributes and condolences...
Click here to pay tribute or offer your condolences
Her legacy
"Mariah, A True Angel"  

"God must have needed a 

real Angel up in Heaven"


Mariah Jacqualine-Lorene Scott




Mariah was born July 21, 2003 in Wayne Nebraska.  She weighed 6 lbs, 12 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long.  But she didn't stay small for long.  As the months went by, her cheeks started to become more round, and she had the cutest little "fat rolls".  She was born with a full head of thick, dark brown hair.  She was a "miracle" for me because she helped me turn my life around.  She loved to spend time with the family, especially  Grandma,Grandpa, Aunt Tara and Uncle Colton. She helped bring our family back together.  Her tragic death affected more people than we realized.  Not a day will ever go by that she is not missed, or loved.  The question of "why" will forever be on our minds.  She was so young, only 20 months old.  She had so much ahead of her.  God must have really needed a real angel up in Heaven, so he chose Mariah.  She will never be forgotten, and hopefully her story can help others so that nobody else will have to experience the pain of losing a child to child abuse.  Mariah will always be our beautiful little flower, picked before it had a chance to bloom.

"Thank You"  

We would like to express our deepest thanks and appreciation for the Stanton Rescue Squad and the Stanton County Sherriffs Dept.  Thank you for all your efforts in trying to save my baby.  You are all truly heroes in our family's eyes.  You all will always be in our hearts, for you did not just give up.  And the Sheriff's Dept. has been very helpful and informative through these rough months.  All of you who helped or were called out that night of March 30, 2005 we want to once again thank you for all your help and efforts.  Even though it was too late, the efforts you all put forward to try and save her will always have our family think of you as "Mariah's Heroes".

"Family Site"  

We will be adding more to this site as the days go on.  We are also looking into ways to raise awareness about child abuse.  No child deserves to be hurt or killed.  If you suspect a child is being abused, tell someone.  Even if it turns out to be nothing, it's better safe than sorry.  And go with your instincts.  Don't listen when people say you are just over-reacting because you are a 1st time mother.  Go with your gutt feeling and have things checked out.  I hope that this site will at least raise awareness that child abuse and death can happen right here in Nebraska too.  And NEVER shake a baby!  Our family hopes that no one else will have to experience the pain of losing a little one like we did. 

 If you would like to get in touch with us, e-mail us at the address below.

"What A Good Girl"  

The following pictures were taken by 

Mariah's Grandma - Teresa Rhods.

Easter 2005

What A Good Girl

"Well, How Do I Look?"  

Well, How Do I Look?

Mariah's Photo Album
Mariah Scott July 21, 2003
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